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Masterclass with carmen Vass

Having embraced my inner unicorn I provide an environment of acceptance, joy and limitless creativity. My fun persistent  approach to the work is infectious and inspires new creative developments. My Tinker Bell energy shines light into the smallest of keyholes unlocking unlimited potential. 


Passing on our knowledge and sharing our experiences is a priceless opportunity to prepare the next generation to be confidant in their abilities to follow their heart and pursue making their dreams a reality. 

My background in arts education is varied and extensive. I have been involved in education and teaching Musical Theater from a young age. We had a semester at the BRIT school that covered art in education and I was hooked. From starting to run my own Musical Theater Workshops as extra curricular activities, to being a substitute at major conservatories in London, to being an assistant in keeping a Saturday Musical Theater School available to all, to Master Classes throughout North America on behalf of Broadway Connection and The Phantom Tour. 

Whether or not a young adult wants to persue a career in the arts, learning how to be creative throughout all aspects of life. Having the skill of creative thinking matched with self confidence and trust in ones own abilities can not only create a strong artist but can also be used from creating a  business, or for public speaking or even handling nerves when interviewing for a job. 

My Masterclasses include private and group coaching in voice, drama and creative thinking. 

For more information, to contact me or make a booking please visit:

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