Once Upon A Time... this is your fairy tale... 

I am ordained by the American Marriage ministries, who resides in Florida and NY as well as having online officiating capability.


Being an accredited performer including the London West End to USA Broadway Tours with a developed connection to the earth and universe. Living each day with an open mind and an abundance of acceptance in my heart.


Passionately I believe that LOVE is LOVE is LOVE! No matter of race, gender, sexuality or religion Your wedding day should reflect everything you love about yourself and each other. It is your day of commitment to your loving partner and should be in a safe, respectful, fun and loving environment that embodies all of your combined uniqueness. 

from traditional, musical or magical I am here for you! I see you! I hear you! I accept you! I love you! 


Contact me below with your known wedding details (date, theme, interests, etc...) and I'll get back to you within 24 hours with more information.  

Empath & Light Worker

Tarot Reading - Energy Healing

The journey of discovering the power of self and ones own divine purposes is extremely unique and not necessarily linear. Whether it is dealing with the cards dealt in this current life or past baggage and questions we are still trying to unload I am here to help provide some added guidance to your journey. 

Connecting to the earth and universe I accept all types of faith as a personal chosen path to enlightenment. 

My personal quest in developing my understanding of my own spiritual, mental and emotional energy has from an early age taught me how to find and reflect light in darkness. Being pragmatic as well as magical I believe that knowledge is power, knowing ones history and developmental practice of ones connection and magical abilities as a light worker. Therefore I am currently certified in Advanced Wicca Studies, Reiki Level 1, Crystal Healing.  I have continued studies in Master Herbalist and Holistic Remedies. As well being a certified minister with the American Marriage Ministries. 

My path has led me to wanting to help bring love and light to others. To assist in healing as well as strengthening your own ability in reflecting your own light into the world.


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