Pumpkin Witch and Sage

As a unicorn; I have the creativity of the universe to channel energy for others to find their voice and embark on their journey of self discovery & healing. Continuing to manifest a harmonious existence on this earth. 

 My positive, petite, persistent and curvy self emulates my bright Tinker Bell energy with the ability to shine light into the smallest of keyholes and unlock unlimited potential

Having the creativity of the universe, means I can channel a flow of energy to shine light on your path. Past present and future are all relative to where you are in this present moment. The infinity circle of energy and experience is a timeless flow.

Tarot assists one in unlocking that which requires healing and releasing what no longer benefits you. This in turn provides space for abundance. With abundance and guidance you can embrace your limitless potential as you continue your journey of self discovery and empowerment.


My Tarot and Healing work is a bountiful tool that creates a personalized dimensional map of insights to your energy bodies. You are much more than just a physical body, you also have an etheric, emotional and mental body. My work begins to harmonize these energetic vibrations with one another.

Being pragmatic as well as magical I believe that knowledge is power, knowing ones history, researching and developing the practices of ones magical abilities. Therefore I am currently certified in Advanced Wicca Studies, Reiki Level 1, Crystal Healing.  I am currently studying to be a Master Herbalist and Holistic Remedies. As well being a certified minister with the American Marriage Ministries. 

My path has led me to wanting to help bring love and light to others. To introduce you to your own power, strength and ability in reflecting your own light into the world.

Currently due to Covid-19 all of my reading sessions are provided online through Zoom. I offer one on one and group options with various offerings of tarot spreads. Please contact me for a menu of magical options of your choosing. 

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Tarot Reading - Energy Healing

Once Upon A Time... this is your fairy tale... 

I am ordained by the American Marriage ministries, who resides in Florida and NY as well as having online officiating capability.


Being an accredited performer including the London West End to USA Broadway Tours with a developed connection to the earth and universe. Living each day with an open mind and an abundance of acceptance in my heart.


Passionately I believe that LOVE is LOVE is LOVE! No matter of race, gender, sexuality or religion Your wedding day should reflect everything you love about yourself and each other. It is your day of commitment to your loving partner and should be in a safe, respectful, fun and loving environment that embodies all of your combined uniqueness. 

From traditional, musical or magical Services I am here for you! 

I see you! I hear you! I accept you! I love you! 


Contact me below with your known wedding details (date, theme, interests, etc...) 

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